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20 Pieces Loose National Dual Double Layer Blank DVD+R 8.5GB

Product Code: 20National
Availability: Out Of Stock
Rs 400.00
  5 Pcs  

20 Pieces Loose well packed in Plastic Sleeves Brand New, Never Used

NATIONAL is a product of Moser Baer India.

NATIONAL is reputed for high quality. Its an ideal choice for people who are looking for regular use blank DVDs. Being a product of Moser Baer assures the quality.

Its an ideal choice for people who are looking for regular use 8.5gb Dual Layer DVDs.

These are Brand New never used and comes in Factory Sealed of 50. We are offering you 20 pieces as you may wish to try out same before you plan buying full 50 pack spindle. 

This is a great quality product as I use same  to store my personal collection of Music Video DVD concerts, PSP games and MP4 videos.


Please pay promptly and I will ship to you with equal expedience. 


Double Layer discs are write-once and burn at 2 depths on 1 side of the disc. Capable of storing up to 8.5 GB of data and approximately 240 minutes of video playback using existing DVD players. Allows the storage of long length programming, sporting events and video footage on 1 disc (an additional 120 minutes more than regular DVD’s!)


8.5 GB of data storage 

I recommened use 2.4x speed only while burning
240 minutes of video storage in SP mode

 Perfect for archiving home movies, digital music files, or digital picture files 

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