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Product Code: E-MOVE
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Deepcool "E-Move" Dual 10cm Modular Cooling Fan and Portable Design Notebook Cooler



Modular Cooling Fan Design

Do you want a breeze when you play with your notebook? Do you want to move the cooling fan to the exact heating area? The modular design of the cooling fan enables you to detach it and put it on the desktop to give you a breeze. You’re also able to move the cooling fan under the base to target the exact heating area of your notebook.

Movable Fan for Accurate Cooling

Notebooks may vary in the heating position from the very left side to the very right. Don’t worry! The specially designed groove on the back side of the cooling pad enables the fan to move freely underneath so that you can cool down the exact heating source according to your notebook itself.


Dual 10cm Fan

To provide good airflow to cool the notebook, E-MOVE has a cooling fan with built-in dual 10cm fans.

Portable Design

You can easily detach the fan from the aluminum cooling pad, route the USB cable, fold the supporting feet on the pad and then pack everything into your bag. Of course, you can take only the cooling fan or the pad with you to fit your personal demand during your trip to somewhere.

Slim and Sleek Design

The supporting feet of E-MOVE is also made of aluminum to provide a firm supporting force. They are foldable into the base to make this cooling pad super portable.

Pure Aluminum Panel

E-MOVE is designed with a pure aluminum panel with black anodized finish. The holes punched on the panel allow for maximum cool airflow through to ensure high cooling efficiency.

Fan Speed Adjustable

 The fan speed control allows you to make a balance between airflow and noise. You have three sets: high, medium and low speed.

USB Pass-through Connector

The USB pass-through connector enables you to plug your extensional USB device


High Cooling Performance

High cooling performance of E-MOVE is ensured by the combination of pure aluminum panel and dual 10cm fans. And the fan speed control helps you achieve the most cooling efficiency.

Foldable Supporting Feet

The foldable supporting feet allows you carry the cooling pad on the go, so you’ll get the cooling whenever wherever.



A breeze in life!

 E-MOVE is made of high quality and environment-friendly materials such as aluminum, metal mesh and plastic. All materials are RoHS complied for your health. The cooling fan can be detached to provide a breeze around you or alternatively to offer a high cooling performance under the aluminum panel. The fan speed is adjustable for a quiet place.

  • Modular cooling fan design enables the fan to bring a breeze for you.
  • Cooling fan can be moved under the panel to target the exact heat point.
  • Pure aluminum panel demonstrates firm structure and high quality build.
  • Dual fans offer optimum airflow for high cooling performance.
  • Slim and sleek design enables to carry it with you comfortably.
  • USB pass-through connector allows for extensional USB device.

Application For

  • Compatible with 15.6" notebooks and below.

Technical Spec

Overall Dimension

Fan Dimension

Net Weight

Bearing Type




Hydro Bearing

Rated Voltage

Operating Voltage

Started Voltage

Rated Current





Power Input

Fan Speed

Max. Air Flow






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