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Product Code: N2
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Deepcool "N2" Kawaii Style 18cm Fan and wo Viewing Angles Notebook Cooler


Kawaii Style

A cute bunny

This new notebook cooler is designed as a super cute bunny with three carrots. The bunny seems to say: I love carrots, I love cool air and I’m the cooling rabbit! I’m “N2”!

Light blue panel

To demonstrate the cuteness of N2, we chose the light blue metal mesh panel, which offers a light color and cool feel. The blue color intrudes the black/white world of traditional notebook cooler and this is a new style.


Super cute, super cooling

Although N2 has a “kawaii” name, it shows superb cooling performance as well. With a massive metal mesh panel and 18cm fan, N2 provides you a cool and silent world.

Kawaii bunny

The designer adds a cute bunny and three carrots into a notebook cooler. This is the first notebook cooler with a combination of kawaii style and hardware

Light blue

The light blue metal mesh panel not only gives you a cool vision effect but also touches your hand with a cooling feel. The metal mesh panel allows optimal airflow through

Data jump

With USB pass-through design, you can have your data jump quite easily! The USB cable can be put away easily to the back panel in order to give a clean cooler on the go

Super slim

With the super slim design, N2 is only 23mm thick. It’s slim, light and very portable. You can easily take it with you anywhere you go.

Force feedback design

N2 has a considerate design for users. When you open the feet to a certain small angle, they will move and stop at the default position automatically



Big fan

N2 has a built-in 18cm fan, running at 1150rpm with 84.7CFM airflow. This fan helps to provide excellent cooling performance, while it has the noise level only at 20dB(A).

Cool it with the light blue panel

The light blue panel allows sufficient airflow through. Along with a big fan, N2 ensures super cooling performance for your notebook.

Slim and portable

N2 is slim in design, small in size, light in weight, easy to carry. You can always take it with you in your backpack to cool your notebook everywhere you go.


Smart viewing angle

This bunny cooler has slim design and two viewing angles! You can choose the default 0° or 8° as you like it when you type on your PC or watching a movie.



A cool bunny

One 18cm fan running at 1150rpm with an airflow of 84.7CRM (1CFM=1.7 M3/H, so 84.7CFM=143.99 M3/H), this fan drives 143.99 cubic meter airflow in an hour. This bunny is really cool!

A quiet bunny

N2 has a de-vibration design, which generates a noise only at 20dB(A). With such a low noise, N2 can be used even in deep night when the world is silent.

USB pass-through

N2 has USB pass-through connector for additional USB device. It takes power from your notebook but doesn’t occupy any USB port.



Light blue feeling in the nature

From design, color match to the function, N2 bares environment and health in the heart. Just like the bunny, N2 jumps to the great nature, and leads you to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful world


  • Designed as a super cute bunny with three carrots
  • The light blue metal mesh panel which offers a light color and cool feel
  • 18cm fan shows great cooling performance and provides you a cool and silent world
  • Dual smart viewing angles
  • USB pass-through connector for additional USB device.

Applications For
  • Compatible with 17" notebooks and below.

Technical Specs

Overall Dimension

Fan Dimension

Net Weight

Bearing Type




Hydro Bearing

Rated Voltage

Operating Voltage

Started Voltage

Rated Current





Power Input

Fan Speed

Max. Air Flow






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