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SanDisk 16GB Micro SD SDHC Card Class4

Brand: Sandisk
Product Code: san16gMicC4
Availability: In Stock
Rs 650.00

Sandisk microSDHC 16GB Memory Card
SanDisk, which always play the role of one of the leaders in the memory devices’ world arena is extremely proud and satisfied in announcing its new format of micro SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) to its SD series.

The intro of various types of memory cards like the xD, Compact Flash, SD, SDHC helps the users to store, transfer and communicate data, music, or images even while on travel. This happens to boost up the electronics world to boost up their productivity to enormous height.

Card Speciality
This Sandisk microSDHC 16 GB memory card has an extreme storage capacity. This can store the most essential data in its digital format like photos, audio and video files in its original format. The high quality is maintained without deterring in any way.

This digital memory card helps in transferring all kinds of data from the device to the computer in such an easy way. It is just plug and then a child’s play to use. Installation is not at all a technically complicated stuff and does not need any professional to learn and use.

This SanDisk 16gb Micro SDHC Mobile Memory Card is a high capacity memory card which is USB compatible and has data transfer rate at Hi-Speed USB 2.0 version. There is no necessary to use any other card adapters. This 16GB memory card from SanDisk is highly compatible with operating systems like Windows Vista, 2000 and XP along with Mac OS X. After inserting the card to its compatible slot, one can not only store the required digital data but also view, edit and copy them as to their own preferences.

The microSDHC 16 GB memory card has been built to withstand any shock or rather easily breakage is forestalled. It is strong enough to last an operation shock which rates about 2000 G which is equivalent to a ten-foot dropping. Damage to the card when traveling or accidental dropping from hands can be avoided and this is extremely safe.

Speed Rating
The performance of this high quality memory card in its new microSDHC format for speed in transferring data has been rated as Class 4 which is based on the specification of SD 2.00.

This digital compatible memory card is backed by the manufacturer with a limited warranty of 5 years.

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